28 October 2008

Going Genting - Pheww..

Phew..? yep.im glad its over.
A first timer to one of the highlands in Msia on a BLeasure trip (Business + Pleasure).
I was lucky enough to be selected by my organization to attend a fully sponsored conference trip at Genting Highland last week. 4 days 3 night at Genting and I was coughing like HELL. We stayed at Awana Hotel..quite nice but I got really irritated with the less than satisfying water pressure (there were 3 bathrooms with jacuzzi attached)and lack of facilities provided (we could not request a hair dryer).
O well..Lets talk about the business part first.
An eye opener and very good exposure to the corporate world and endless networking opportunity. Speakers from various companies put their best foot forward during the conference. O ya, it was on Human Resource topics. Learning from the best in the industries was one of the best experience I had so far..esp on the public speaking and communication department. One of the personality was Dato Sharifah who made the journey to the South and North Pole. Enlightened by her stories, I wonder where her next adventure would be.. and would I be as brave as her; walking on thin ice? Not a chance. ;)
The good part..
Collected a lot of free goodies from the exhibition booths hahaha ,,which I gave to my family and friends as souvenirs as I didn’t get a chance to go on a shopping spree during the trip. That’s the DISSAPOINTING part. No fun rides, no Ripley’s tour,, ..just pictures and a heavy heart leaving the place.

4 days and 3 nights and still no time for pleasure??
Yep..fortunately everybody on the trip was on the same boat. All of us didn’t get much chance to buy things at our own sweet time – that’s because we didn’t own the time there. Time dictated our moving pattern. Wake up at 6am, breakfast at 7am, get on the bus by 8am, hop on to the cable car as soon as possible, and a walkathon to the convention center before 9am. We only got 2 – 3 hours of our own time after the session finishes late in the evening. Then its back to the hectic travelling to the hotel. But looking back at all the food served during the conference..made the whole thing worth it haha – and of course the knowledge gained .

Hmm..my first time at a casino as well and I lose rm** playing the jackpot haha..tak pa la. Good thing we were rushing.. if not, I would have spent more than I should. Oops..forgive me o Lord.

An early trip to KL before heading for the airport also didn’t put up with the disappointment of souvenir shopping at Genting. but..everything happens for a reason? I guess so.
I end up buying chocolates at the airport and a shirt on the flight. What a day.
Would I go back to Genting next time? Why not.. strictly pleasure.
my pleasure - fooooood

part time assignment - taking pictures of people's head!

and..the ceiling

not forgetting the glass

the prettiest boy in the seminar was nothing but a slide show..uhuhu..

the best part - SeTarBuck :)

luvly picture..but too much ligthing

still remember ur first cable car ride? whoa..

the view was simply amazing

i luv this one (^_^)

one of the view that captures my eyes

another part time assignment that i enjoyed

Our apartment at Awana

a deepavali display in the hotel

leading to the golf course of the hotel

happy tree friends :) at the putra terminal

a stunt act by one of the monkeys


ErviNna said...

Go go go gurl... hahahahah, i was there on raya holiday baru2 tu... pigi gamble kunun... kakaka sia kalah berabis ni! adui... next time sia bawa pedang samurai la, prepare for 'kalaing'!!! ala enda sempat pigi jumpa ko ooo kan... nvmind la next trip kita mesti jumpa arr! i treat u makan ice-cream!

nc said...

haha..ya ka, ba, nanti sia tggu eskrim ni hihihi :)

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