24 September 2008

Picture of the Day

Today's sunset is for tommorrow's beginning..isn't it?
I've kept this pic for so long in my hard drive,, i almost forgot about it.
A bit of cropping here and there,, to get the best out of the view..

I love sunsets..so beautiful and peaceful.

This view was taken from my fiance's village in Bambangan Baru..kinda like an African sunset..right? only this one,, with the South China Sea in the background.haha.. with the bright orange color..no editing was done, except for the cropping :)

Slow and steady..shimmering and splendid. That's how i would define it - the sunset.

Tell me,, what's in your mind..everytime u watch the sun sets down (^_~)


Michelle said...

Everytime I watch sunset, my mind will feel calm & got some heavy-hearted feel...i thk mayb b'coz of the sun slowly dissappeared & the sky will become dark..tat mean end of the day...

nc said...

wow,,hehe..thanks for the comment,,u dont need 2 feel heavy hearted when it sunset..its a time for a new phase of the day - only with the moon this time :)

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