13 October 2008

The Secret Birthday

Finally , I can squeeze some time for my LLP (Little Life’s Pleasure). It has been a hectic week, where I hold on to the thought of lots of things to blog about, but, alas, couldn’t find the time. Well..
The recent raya holiday meant so much for me. Kuch kuch hotta hai.. aka- something happened to my heart. A celebration that was postponed finally came to live one fine evening. Well..ya..i never celebrate birthdays anyways,, but so does my siginificant other, and that’s why I made it a big deal to really make it happen this time – even if it was 1 and a half month late. our birthdays are actually just days apart – and every year he reminds me of the story of how he never got to celebrates his birthday. Work commitment and distance were the culprits of course, but nevermind, we got what we wanted or needed – I think.haha.

A very simple occasion at Secret Recipe 1 Borneo (I luv u Secret Recipe – though u burn my pocket)..i made the innocent waitress sang me a birthday song, that was after a round of pujuk – ing and offer of a slice of our birthday cake.
My S.O? I don’t think so? Singing in public places? Haha..pinch me please ;) ..and so she sang..and so..she got the cake – I couldn’t believe I was extra nice that evening, but she deserved it.
Whoa..cheesey chocolate cake – u tasted sinfully delicious. Ladies n gentlemen,,U hv got to taste this one. A deadly combination! Cheese + Chocolate. Thanks hun for the cake.
We deserved it.

p/s: btw, i'd like to take this opportunity to wish a very gooooood friend of mine, a great birthday..TODAY (13th oct). Happy birthday liang moi,,may all OUR wishes come true hahaha :)


Michelle said...

Wow...so jealous o...got birthday cake...me dun have cake o :(...even though both of u celebrate it late but at least both of u can celebrate together...Wish both of u live happily together forever..:D

nc said...

haha..dat birthday cake?woohoo..for four years time punya..cos never bought bday cake juga kn,, haha..so sama la kita..funny kn,,not surprise punya cake la, hv to ask for it,,like usual :), im sure u understand

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