20 November 2011

Life With Neve

I really miss blog walking..
and so, i am NOW spending my luxe time blogwalking ,on a Sunday.
 itu pun kalau sempat blogwalk smua..
time is really a luxury now.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
AND, it wouldn't be complete for me to just blogwalk and not post anything?

Sharing with you life with my Neve now.
She is coming to 4 months. .and can already lift up her head on her own. 

This tiny princess just loveeeee being brought walk around. Anywhere. 

Kalau kau duduk and dia belum puas tengok2 n jalan2..
Nevermind..its a good exercise for anyone attempting to dukung her.

btw,, how is your Sunday?
Hope everything is great.

Happy holiday to all the teachers.
You deserved it.


Amanda said...

so cute!

Stella said...

Sama mcm Gabriel. Suka kena bw jalan2, and cepat bosan dgn satu benda.. So always bw jalan2 and kasi benda2 baru... :)

Aki Borneo said...

oh tidak.. kiutnya mereka.. ho ho ho.. ^_^.v..

Shinenelle Belle said...

wah besar suda c Neve ni..sihat tu sa tingu dia...

begitu lah tu budak kan NC..menangi saja dia tau kalau belum puas jalan..suka pula dia jalan2 kan

aemy shamy said...

awwww she's so cute!!! ^^

Arms said...

Happy coming to 4 months to Neve ;D Wa, 4 months suda o kan... mcm baru ja sia baca post ko tu hehee.

Happy Tuesday, Nancy...

kay masingan said...

comelnya....time reunion ko bawa ka dia ni?

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