28 April 2011

My Blog Shop (^_^)

I am so excited and have been waiting for this day to announce a new blog shop on the block.
I have been planning this for quite a while and what better time to introduce my first online blog shop to you my dear visitors..than NOW..and HERE.

It's something to do with selling women fashion clothing..branded..international..very2 cheap price.
Barangan tiruan?
Take a glimpse of the picture..;)
or..better..CLICK it..and you will see.

Some are asking why am i doing all these when being heavily pregnant now?
It's the baby i guess giving me the strength and motivation.

And what ever happened to iHaveADream Creations..u ask?
it's inaccessible at the moment, for your information.
hehe..just waiting for the right time to emerge again with a brand new concept. 
aiseh..mcm2 pla.

bah..check out my blog shop here..for The First Post..and do leave your comments and links ya :)
Thank you Thank you..


zo said...

wah, rajin o ko nancy. sama minat ba ni kan..ba, sia pigi tingu2 dulu.

Kris and Nadia said...

Wahhh :) bgs2.. ya sama la kita, sya pun ada plan mcm ko ni but still in progress :) hehe.. gambate :)

nc said...

thank u..minat juga la mgkin ni hehe :)n mau cuba benda2 baru..mcm ba....nyk kunun sa mau buat n plan2..tpi tingu la dpt tebuat ka nda smua :)

yayy..gambate2 :) semangat mammy baru ba kali ni kn hehe
bah, jn lupa kasi announce nanti a :)

Fantastic Ajane said...

wah congrats k..:) buli tahan ooo ko..:)

Arms said...

Does your shop provides any men's clothing? ;D

nc said...

thnk u..baru mau mula n belajar2 ba ni..harap2 bertahan la juga hehe, bah jn lupa p jenguk2 di blog nanti a :)

if there is demand..then there should be a supply :) kan?

Aemy Shamy said...

Hey this is good, I'm an avid bargain hunter & I enjoy online shopping so much! Hehe. I'm gonna be your customer, okay. hehe

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