14 February 2011

Love - Nc

Happy Valentine's day to you..
I iz back in the blogging world - finally.
After finding enough confidence and cool to write an entry without feeling woozy or nauseas every minute.
Because..yep, i'm pregnant.
hehe..almost 4 months now.
Apology for being so secretive (kunun).
 The plan of sharing the good news with most friends, especially in the blogging world was postponed..postponed..and postponed..because of the morning sickness.
Mau taip satu ayat tinguk skrin pun pening. mcm mn dii gia..

I remember two months ago..i couldnt even sleep, sit, or walk properly because of the nausea attack.
And now..im glad its all over. well..almost.
Unless if i see people spit, limpas tong sampah o tandas bebau..bau goreng yg melampau and smelly body odour. That really kills me.Other than that..i'll be o..kay. 
hehe..now you know my weakness.

So..on this Valentine's day..what better way to spread the love and joy than thru my litlle blog.
Happy Valentine's day everyone..
Thank you to my friends who have been understanding and sharing tips and advices on being pregnant.
gosh..its a whole new world for me. Kadang2 macm inda mau menerima kenyataan.
But..im happy.

o yeah.. :)


a-Me said...

Hi nc, wah... congratz for d happy news.. Take care of ur self ya.. :)

Santafire said...

Congrats, nc!
Hope you're feeling well since the 1st trimester is over now^^

CathJ said...

Horray.... Congrats!!!! Mcm tu lah tu nc.. mcm tidak boleh terima kenyataan... same like my 2nd preggy ni... oh I think this 2nd pregnacy is the worst...

(mungkin lepas ni nda mau sudah pregnant.. ;-p ;-p)

as for you.. take care and so happy for you!! ^_^

AngeL BeaR said...


Just said...

wow! great news! congratz nc... take care ya..

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

hi nc..bagus sudah ko sudah lepas. Sia ni mcm baru mau mula ni..nda selesa betu sy rasa. malas kerja lg tapi kena mengajar juga. cabaran betul kali kedua pregnant ni..sdh ko scan?

Vienne said...

so happy deangr ur news. congrats btw. biasala tu morning sickness. lepas 4 bulan ok suda tu...tp kadang nausea feeling tu masi ada

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Congratulation NC. Take care.

nc said...

wow..thnks for all the wishes friends.. :) tambah2 happy ni :)

nanti sa cerita2 lagi hehe (^_^)

have a nice day to all u beautiful ladies :)

chegu carol said...

Nah baru sia dapat comment. I couldnt find the comment button before hehe.

Congratulations nc! Finally!
Take care and enjoy pregnancy despite what they call 'worst MS'. hehehe

nc said...

chegu Carol: siou..hehe..telupa sa kasi masuk itu COMMENT button :)
bah, thnks.. i pray n hope the best for u oso :) caiyo2 ;)

Deanona said...

hello nc! i haven't wish you congratulation kan? congratsss!!! wee! keep us updated ba.. take care :)

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