I would just watch these furry kittens playing around and experience the true meaning of Joy.
They're growing so fast.
They're only 1 month and 2 weeks old?
I wish they would stay as kitties for a little bit longer.

The four of them.
All the kotaks are for them.hehe..
They make our kampung home lively.
We let them be survivors - growing up on their own (with the mothers of course).
We visit them every few days in a week... :(
I miss them everyday.

nc says: ..and that's why i love the weekend (^_^)


Rungitom said...

Cute~ itteh bitteh kitteh :3

Deanona said...

ihh comel!! masi kecil.. kiuttt! ^^

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Punya cute! Kebetulan ko snap durang yang ngam2 bedepan ni yang last photo.. Haha.. Satu lagi di sana atas kotak telur, aya so cute oh..

SJB said...

Punya cute tu anak kuching hehehe.

nc said...

Rungitom: hehe..ya..very2 the cute all the kitteh :)

Deanona: i cant get my eyes off them ..ada ja yg sa p kacau tu haha

Annieming:guna kamera fon ja ni,, kesian kn..hehe

SJB: yep..very2 cute n playful :)

Stella O.K. said...

cutenya tu kucingggg....

Santafire said...

kotak telur as scratch post eh.. not bad. i could have done that but my fem owez give all our kotak telur to my uncle who sells telur masin XD

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