Is your cat plotting to kill you?

O my heaven..
i have..nine cats n kittens?
let me multiply that.
this is sooo cute?
got this one from alus

How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You?
click HERE to find out..NOW.
before its too late.
its soooo hillarious..but might be true?

nc says: i keep dreaming about dogs n puppies lately..they're sooo cute. hmm..wats up..


rahma said...

LOLLL ooooo this is soooooo hilarious and cute!! i wonder if my cat will plotting something on killing us both because of the bb...hhhmmmm heheheee but still, it's cute ;D btw, thanks for sharing nancy, love it ^-^v

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Ada sa jawab d quiz dulu.. Haha.. Lucu kan predictions dia.. Punya kiut..

Cath J said...

hahhaha... besok2 sudah ada puppy... ^_^

Mary Sherlynz @ Lombidotz said...

wat abt dogs? heheh~

Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha! jaga la ko nancy...hehe

SJB said...

Saya tiada kuching sedih kan heheh.

mommieZee said...

passing by..happy hols... and i hope my cats don't plot on me..OMG LOL

nc said...

dear all :)

i knew u guys would love this..:)
im a bit sad right now..i lost three kittens..they're lost - our kampung area..hai...kesian o..the mama cat inda jaga we only 4 kittens left

Santafire said...

mine is 87% x6
O_O oh mais XD

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