20 July 2009

If you Were here

A week of holiday.
hmm..sounds like freedom. maybe..for some.
Everybody else works..im at home. what more can u NOT envy?

..recovering from flu actually.
J says: Caiyo Caiyo
,doing fine and well now..but REALLY lost for ideas to color my days.

. . . .

o my jantoong haty,,if u were here, i'd be dancing happily now.

..and with the news of the could-be tsunami in these few days..should we not be worry of the safety of our family n beloved.

God knows.

Nc says: my never ending dreams of twisters n big waves are haunting me since young.
If the wind or the sea should take my life, may i be one in u (wind n sea) eternally.


Kris and Nadia said...

uinah.. ko p mana tu?? sya jeles sda ni tau..

Mia said...

aiikk...napa ko ni nc...terlampau kerinduan sya tengo...relaks bah ko nc...

nc said...

nadia: hehe..time sakit2 ni.. msti ingat org yg slu tak dpt jumpa kn.. :(.. didn't go anywhere..just HERE.

Mia: hmm...gitu la ba kunun nya ..kadg2 lyn blues..blh ba kn..haha

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