Yep. 2008. The year that WAS but will always be cherished by many. How was your year? I asked myself this question on the last day of 2008 and so glad that I feel good about it. Been to lots of places,,doing different new many people, growing up, growing young, being closer to friends and families. I realized, I never made any new year resolutions last year – and ironically achieved quite little miracles and something to shout about (*wink)

Well,, while lotsa blogger friends are blogging about new year resolutions..i think I’d like to take this moment to cherished the year that was simply amazing.

Why im proud of the year that was..?

1. I got engaged with my significant other on Chinese New Year – after a painful postponed of the celebration the previous Christmas. An in law passed away suddenly on the faithful day. Everything was ready and the guests were on the way, until the news dropped. God bless his soul. And with God’s blessing as well, the celebration finally fall into place successfully (mesti la)..last Chinese New Year.

2. I finally learnt how to swim last January with the help of some high- spirited friends. Couldn’t believe I could fit into a swimming trunk and FLOAT! was value for money. I know I will enjoy the benefit as long as I want to. And im proud to say that I’ve gone swimming to lots of places this year. And the best part was, I got to go snorkeling at Mamutik island just last week – without a life jacket..haha..ciok ba. Swimming is my new love. The sea has always been my first love. My significant other? Hahaha, itu, my forever love la ba kunun..^_^

3. Travelling..travelling..travelling WOW..and will do MORE of it this year. Im so lucky that my profession opens the door to travelling and doing things ive never thought before – not to mention an ever understanding fiancé that supported me all the way. ^_^ Doing the flying fox, turn myself upside down in a kayak, encounter with the pacatttts, and being massaged by big fishes. Woo hoo..and as for the travelling..though just at our own happy to discover these places. The Moroli river in Ranau, the Tip of Borneo (for the 5th time), the Kinabatangan river, the Borneo Kellybays in Tuaran, the Tempurung Seaside name a few. All the swimming in lotsa places (*grin). And the best part was going to a fully sponsored business aka leisure trip to Genting Highlands. Now I know why I love my profession.

4. Growing closer with friends and families. I feel blessed to have my friends and colleagues around me. We laugh together and at each other. And the best part – gossip together. Haha..That’s life. Family wise, im happy to have spent more time with my family and my fiance’s family the recent school holiday. He’s blessed with a great big family where everybody just enjoys being in the company of one another. We come completely from different but learnt to make the best out of it. Hey..i luv my family..okay.

5. AND a big MMMUAHHH to my Little Life’s Pleasure. I never thought blogging could give me the freedom and satisfaction I have now. A little endeavour became a joyful habit. Its not about who reads your blog or how many comments you have. Its about the freedom of speech and expression. Sometimes I hope that nobody reads my blog so I can really REALLY write just any stuff and not being judged about it. but then again, gaining readers offers you something – friendship,self esteem..etc. and so.. if you’re reading this rite now..i thank you. You rock – Gracie, Nadia, Beck, AngelBear, Mogiumtusin (to mention a few new acquaintances ) n fellow friends Mia, Cath, Michelle, Uzoi, Val, Pam,Whanita. Majulah sukan untuk Negara guys..

And..there you go..the 5 things that made me proud of the year that was. New Year Resolutions..hmm..nanti2 la,, cos I know what I need and what I’ll be into this year – just keeping my fingers crossed.

Hold on tight..its going to be a bumpy road, people..yeeee haaa!!

Hmm..bulih main tag2 ka ni a,, haha… *The 5 Things That Made You Proud in 2008* ..for all the names mentioned in number 5. Haha..if you don’t mind of cos,, ^_^ enjoy.

last picture of 2008 ^_^

my haven

the only niece that i only meet once or twice a year..hmm..

our personal sungai spa where fun never ends - im glad i spent a lot of time here last year

spending time with people who brings joy to my life


Kris and Nadia said...

hi, NC.. thank you too.. :) uiks kena tag lg tu..hihi.. ba nanti sya buat.. btw, congrats to you pandai swimming and pg traveling..jeles ni.. actuali i was once the president of swimming club ba, but since malas praktis n malas tangan n kaki, then i cant float anymore.. huhu.. sandi ni.. mo blajar blk la ni.. yeah, resolution for 2009 sya mo pg swimming, tip of borneo for the 1st tym..huhu.. climbing and pg labuan la..hihi :) gambate... ohya btw nice layout :)

nc said...

thanks nadia,, sja tukar layout utk azam baru kunun. ya, i luv travelling. n any water'tainment :)
wish u gud luck on ur new year resolution :)

†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

hey lovely pictures.. :) nice yer u've tru.. :P happy blogging n all the best for 2009~ lol.. ^_^"

p/s: :D hey.. lov ur last pic of 2008! u look really... O_O"" happy.. hmm.. O_O"" great! :D

xoxoxo nc.. ;)

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