04 November 2008

A Lucky Day

Haha..out of the blue Monday (yesterday), I got a great treat from the best of friends – makan makan!
My blue Monday slowly bloom into a bubbly yellow early morning after having a western breakfast at Pete’s Corner in Asia City – thanks mandak,,next month my turn ah,,hehehe (^_^)
mm..there’s something special about Pete’s Corner. A little food corner that serves set value meal for different times of the day. The place is normally crowded during peak hours of breakfast & lunch – better be fast people..or you’ll miss your little table.

You’ll always would want to come back here after your first dine in, as the food is really good (for a simple western meal) and a hot mushroom soup that only cost RM3. There you go – something to savour and smile about after a feastful breakfast at a friendly corner.

(^_^)…was still smiling all the way till late lunch time.
Why the becoz?? - my second lucky star strike upon me.
A long time friend whom we haven’t met since late last year finally show up granting her belanja makan promise hahaha. Bah cath, if you’re reading this..next round p mana sda tu? Beverly hills?hehee..oraits.
Our mini reunion was without mama Mia, who I’m sure was not aware of our out of the blue gathering..woopss..(Mia,,ko tny si cath a..).
Its been a long time. We were campus mates, room mates,,n now..hey hey hey..still good mates.
Our pretty provider of the day (hehe), looked a bit too serious anyway. Hmm..couldn’t help my self but wonder, whether it’s the natural evolution of the teaching profession ?? SOMEBODY,, create a song for TEACHERS pleaseee..
Maybe we should have another version of the song “I..bu..ibu.. engkau la ratu hatiku” for teachers, with “Ci..gu..cigu..engkau la ratu hati ku”. Its not easy being an educator..u know.
Anyway, a great day indeed with the fellas. Not to mention the big food we order,,I guess it was LuTea for us – haha (Lunch + Tea time).
ni la wajah2 gumbira makan sandwich mahal

men suap2 lagi tu,,haha

wajah ayu seorang pendidik yg tgh memotong bread basar haha

the lucky bread!


Kay said...

eh..control ayu o sia kan..eh malas o..

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