I got a new hobby – eating out @ jalan2 cari makan hahaa
Im trying to look at it positively ..thus come up with the thought of
“Makan..before u kena Makan” blh pakai ke?
Ntah la..but happy with this little life pleasure of mine.
A good friend of mine suggest to share all the good information on where’s hot and where’s not on the food and beverage department that i have been to..or will be going to. Hmm,not bad..hence,, the idea of putting this into words and in my little cyber pleasure. Thanks Tan: u keep on bloging as well on all the great food u prepare ya ;)
First on the list will be Rasamas Restaurant at 1 Borneo Hypermall. Located just around the corner of the Giant hypermart there.
Kinda cool and comfy specialty restaurant, I would say. It serves mainly chicken dishes. AYAMAS..RASAMAS..get it? (^_^),,
Price: Medium to expensive
On the menu: set meals..chicken rice, side dishes..think The Chicken Rice Shop
Ambience: comfortable, modern, three star ***
U need to order ur food at the counter..just like a fast food restaurant, but of course they will serve u the food at ur table – think Rafflesia Chicken Hut..hehe
Quite good customer service. Patient..polite..all smiley..maybe because there were less customers that time..haha. the only minus point was,, we didn’t get any chili or tomato sauce serving that should accompany any chicken rice meal. Hence we end up using the brand new Ayamas chilli sauce that we bought at the counter previously – ingat kn mau bawa pulang..baru buka..haha.
chicken roaster set meal that cost about RM11++
grastonomically delicious?..mm..2 star
During tapau time (yep,, we ordered quite too many to admit), I smilingly ask for any tapau box that were provided. The lovely waitress showed me the place where I can get my tapau container and plastic bag – myself – next time. Hmm..you judge that one yourself. I guess that,, its good, in a way,,since customers can get how ever much tapau containers they need@want by themselves in the future. But u know what customers can do..should they abuse the power. So..there you go..a pretty container to tapau a bunch of tulang ayams.Would I recommend this restaurant to friends and families? Give me 50% discount voucher, I might say YES.

a pose at the place is a must.

(^_^) the atmosphere quite nice ba..


Michelle said...

U mentioned me ka? ..:D Seems yummy...u got order the japanese taufu ka? coz i saw it in your photo behind the chicken set u order...

nc said...

of coz i meant u la,,liang moi,,:), well, the japanese tofu is actually served to us surprisingly..to replace the bean sprout which ran out of stock that time. but the waitress didnt mention that to us previously. haii..tak pa la o..:)

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